Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment has traditionally been one of the significant services offered by our company. Numerous Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) have been conducted by our team of experts for both the public and private sectors. We work mainly in infrastructure projects such as Roads, Built Environment, Aviation, Water and Sanitation, Irrigation and Energy sectors.

Environmental, Health and Safety Audits

Conducting an environmental audit (EA) is no longer an option but a sound precaution and a proactive measure in today's heavily regulated environment. Environmental Audit plays a crucial role in encouraging systematic incorporation of environmental perspectives into many aspects of an organization’s overall operation. At E-CUE ASSOCIATES, we recognize that environmental health and safety is a critical area in the development and operations across all industry types.

We have a team of experts and associates who offer periodic and objective assessment of an organization's activities and services in relation to:

  • Compliance with relevant statutory and internal requirements
  • Management control of environmental practices
  • Promoting good environmental, health and safety management
  • Maintaining credibility with the public
  • Raising staff awareness and enforcing commitment to departmental environmental, health and safety policy

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)

Integrating environmental considerations into plans and policy formulation at early stages has become a reliable way of envisioning high level impacts that can be streamlined during the environmental impact assessment process. E – Cue Associates has tremendous experience in conducting SEAs for institutions and organizations while fostering and providing critical systematic considerations at sectoral, regional and national levels. We also endeavor to ensure that the considerations proposed are critical both in ensuring environmental sustainability and pollution prevention.

Resettlement Action Plans

Development of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) continue to be a critical aspect of large scale projects. We are actively involved in RAP preparations for infrastructure projects in Kenya. The company’s skills in stakeholder management are crucial in this respect to ensure that the stakeholders involved can be successfully persuaded to “buy in” and fully commit to the process of assessment and integrated mitigation. At E-CUE ASSOCIATES, we have experience with different types of Resettlement Action Plans such as Rural, Urban, Linear and Site-specific Resettlement Action plans

Climate change interventions

We have confidence that integrating purposeful actions intended to produce a targeted change in some aspect of climate is fundamental in combating climate change impacts resulting from large scale development projects. At E–Cue Associates we believe that it is important to integrate climate change aspects during the planning and design phases of projects. Indeed climate change vulnerability assessments have become a key component and output during the design phase of infrastructure developments.

Capacity Building

E–Cue Associates believes that transfer of knowledge in Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits as well as Occupational Safety and Health audits is crucial in helping organizations operate at their optimum capacity while anticipating and reducing impacts and risks that have the potential to plague and cripple projects. E – Cue Associates provides the knowledge and skills required to make this a reality. We use three major models namely:

  • Training of staff and individuals
  • Conducting conferences or summits
  • Conducting networking forums

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Training in Environmental Impact Assessment / Environmental Audit
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Occupational Safety and health training

Monitoring and Evaluation

We understand that the growing demand for development effectiveness is largely based on the realization that producing good “deliverables” is not enough. Efficient or well-managed projects and outputs will lose their relevance if they yield no discernible improvement in development conditions and ultimately in peoples’ lives. At E-Cue we believe that there is a need for a strong and coherent monitoring and evaluation framework that promotes learning and performance measurement. That way, the outcomes of M&E can inform our management decisions and future programming decisions.

Natural Resource Management

Sustainable management and wise use of land, animals and plant resources, water, soil has been recognized as the most predictable way of guaranteeing that these resources remain productive now and into the future. Within our network is a pool of natural resource management experts who have years of experience in natural resources research, planning and management; monitoring and evaluation. These include wildlife experts, forestry experts, fisheries experts, range management experts, agriculture experts, mining experts and wetlands and land use experts.